Below are the minimum technical requirements for participating in a Projects In Knowledge Internet CME/CE activity:

» Audioconferences
» Monographs, Newsletters, and Syllabi
» Podcasts/Online Audio CDs
» Slides
» Webcasts
» Recommended Operating Systems, Internet Browsers and Helper Applications
» Projects In Knowledge User Account
» Frequently Asked Questions


Audioconferences are conducted over the telephone but you also need Internet access to download accompanying materials such as activity syllabus or slides.

Monographs, Newsletters, and Syllabi

To view monographs, newsletters, or activity syllabi online or to download for printing, you will need the latest version of Adobe® Reader® (click for free download):

Podcasts/Online Audio CDs

Listening to a podcast or an Audio CD that is playable on the web, requires a computer with sound capability, an Internet connection, and a web browser. Also required is software to play sound files in MP3 format such as Apple's iTunes®, or Windows Media Player, which can be downloaded free of charge.


To view slides, you will need PowerPoint® or PowerPoint® Viewer (click below for free download). Occasionally, our slide sets are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format (also a free download below):


A webcast is delivered over the Internet, so each participating site must have sufficient computer capabilities to play the video. Digital video is still very taxing on computers, so it is important to understand your system capabilities. Your computer's processor speed, built-in memory (RAM), video card capability, and other factors all combine to determine the quality of the video you wish to view.

Recommended Operating Systems, Internet Browsers and Helper Applications

A modern HTML5-capable browser such as the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Latest Version of Adobe Flash Player

Click for free download:

Optional Software

To view slides, you will need PowerPoint® or PowerPoint® Viewer (click below for free download). Occasionally our slide sets are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format (also a free download below):

Projects In Knowledge User Account

A free Projects In Knowledge user account (click here for sign-up page) is needed, and participants must be signed-in prior to viewing a webcast. At the end of the webcast, only signed-in participants can complete the online posttest and evaluation, print their certificates, and monitor their earned CME/CE credits with the CME/CE Tracker.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a webcast?

A: A webcast is similar in intent to a broadcast television program but is designed for Internet transmission. Webcast clients allow a user to connect to a server, which is distributing (webcasting) the webcast and displays the televisual content to the user. Additional information can be found at

Q: Is a separate registration required for each person viewing the webcast?

A: No. Many people can view a webcast on one computer simultaneously, but one person must be logged in to a free Projects In Knowledge user account on that computer prior to viewing. In addition, each participant who wants to earn CME/CE credit for completing the webcast activity must log in to his or her individual user account to complete and submit the online posttest and evaluation and print out the CME/CE certificate.

Q: Is the webcast always available?

A: For live webcasts, viewing opportunities will be limited to specific dates and times. Live webcasts eventually will be made available as an enduring material for on-demand viewing. Some activities offer on-demand viewing in between dates of live webcasts. Check the activity's web page on for complete viewing schedules and information about on-demand availability.

Q: How do I log in for the webcast?

A: Go to the Projects In Knowledge home page and find the individual web page for the webcast activity. Click the "View Webcast" link or button. You may be asked to first complete a pre-activity survey. You will then be prompted to log in to your user account; new users will be asked to create an account. After completing the pre-activity survey (if applicable), you will be taken to a page that offers several choices, including "Click Here to continue to the activity." Click the link to launch the webcast.

Q: Where can I access the syllabus and presentation slides?

A: Go to the main menu of the webcast, which contains navigation links to the syllabus and presentation slides. In some cases, these enduring materials will be also available for download or viewing on the activity's web page.

Q: How do I download the presentation slides to my computer?

A: Click the "Slides (PowerPoint)" link on the webcast's main menu. The file will download to your computer. You will need a PowerPoint viewer to view the slides. If the slides are available in PDF format, click the link and the file will open with Acrobat Reader.

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