Lee National Denim Day® 2009 Group Photo—October 2, 2009

Lee National Denim Day

On Friday, October 2, Projects In Knowledge and MedPage Today staffers donated $5 apiece, donned jeans and pink shirts, and posed for their annual group photo in recognition of Lee National Denim Day®. This is the ninth year of participation for Projects In Knowledge, and the fifth year for MedPage Today. The response from the two companies was the largest ever: 47 employees contributed $235, an amount that CEO and President Bob Stern matched for a total donation of $470.

With support from corporations both large and small, Lee National Denim Day raises funds and awareness about breast cancer, championing the idea that through small steps, great things can happen. All donations go to the Women’s Cancer Programs of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, which provides grants that fund breast cancer research projects focused on enhancing current treatment options, developing new therapeutic agents, and improving detection methods.

October 2, 2009