Multiple Sclerosis iPhone/iPad App from Projects In Knowledge®
MedImage Cases™: Multiple Sclerosis Provides Point-of-Care Guidance on Advances in MRI Technologies

Little Falls, New Jersey—March 21, 2012—MedImage Cases: Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a new iPhone/iPad app from Projects In Knowledge (PIK), instantly connects neurologists with peer-reviewed, point-of-care information on the evolving role of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in diagnosing and monitoring patients with MS.

Through a collection of 26 interactive patient cases, the MedImage Cases: MS app explores the latest advances in MRI technologies and the practical application of those advances to the care of MS patients. Each case presents a series of patient MRIs and narration by a renowned neurology expert, who provides insightful commentary about the case and analysis of the images. A scrolling transcript and supplemental patient education materials are also provided. Clinicians can earn complimentary continuing medical education (CME/CE) credit for each case they complete.

The MRI is a vital diagnostic tool used to measure disease activity and treatment response in patients with MS. As ongoing research leads to new MS treatment options and MRI methodologies, neurologists must stay informed about these advances to ensure optimal patient care and outcomes. The MedImage Cases: MS app helps clinicians translate these developments into successful personalized treatment and management strategies for their MS patients.

“Illustrated by patient scenarios commonly seen in daily practice, the MedImage Cases: MS app provides state-of-the-science discussions about the MRI’s evolving role in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with MS,” said Patty Peterson, CCMEP, Senior Vice President at PIK. “The app puts high-level, practical MRI consults immediately into the hands of busy neurologists at the point-of-care as they navigate their own challenging patient cases.”

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Patty Peterson, CCMEP
Senior Vice President
Projects In Knowledge