David Setiadi, B.Eng, MSc, PhD, Chief Information Officer

Dr. Setiadi joined Projects In Knowledge in 2011 as chief information officer, bringing more than 20 years of experience in the information technology field. As CIO he provides strategic oversight of the company’s technology systems, including web applications, information technology management and support, network integrity, and business processes implementations. He had previously left an indelible mark on Projects In Knowledge a year earlier, when, in a consulting role, he spearheaded a complex and successful redesign of the company’s website.

His professional experience with technology commenced in the late 1980s, when he administered his own computer bulletin board system. He continued using technology to facilitate his scientific career, obtaining a bachelor of engineering physics degree at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, as well as attaining graduate degrees in theoretical chemistry and a PhD in medicinal chemistry while working with research groups at the University of Szeged (Hungary) and the University of Toronto.

Dr. Setiadi fostered a passion for working with industry and furthering his business acumen in both retail (home and entertainment division) and corporate (enterprise) settings as an associate marketing and product manager at Microsoft. He further bridged his technology and business skills with presales roles in systems engineering, attaining the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineering (MCSE) accreditation. He has also worked in the communications field as a managing director of Linux and web-based application-development platforms for a specialized systems integration firm based in Canada. Managing technology and processes, Dr. Setiadi also oversaw the University of Toronto’s High Performance Computing Centre as lead administrator of a large Sun Microsystems grid. He is an active developer and systems architect who’s always interested in being hands-on with technology, people, and processes.

Dr. Setiadi is pleased to bring his talent and experience to Projects In Knowledge to assist in developing strategies that deliver high-quality scientific and medical content into the hands of the clinicians who need the knowledge the most. He continues to keep abreast of developments in the scientific world by publishing research papers in internationally peer-reviewed journals.