Projects In Knowledge® Celebrates 30 Years of
Excellence and Innovation as a Premier CME/CE Provider

Little Falls, New JerseyMarch 15, 2010—Projects In Knowledge, a fully accredited provider of innovative, engaging, and relevant continuing medical education (CME/CE) programs, today celebrates its 30th anniversary—a noteworthy milestone that reflects not only longevity and stability, but also a legacy of experience, expertise, and dedication to improving the knowledge, competencies, and skills of physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals.

The company owes its successful track record of excellence and endurance to its founder, president, and CEO, Robert Stern. A healthcare education innovator for more than 30 years, Stern recognized the importance of delivering timely and relevant CME/CE activities in a variety of formats, enabling each learner to tailor the educational experience to meet his or her own unique needs and preferred learning styles. Guided by this vision and his realization that continuing education represented an important and lifelong process for healthcare professionals, he established Projects In Knowledge in 1980.

Under Stern’s leadership, Projects In Knowledge became one of the first CME/CE providers to incorporate distance-learning technologies and self-directed study, creating a rich array of medical programming that addressed the preferences and time constraints of individual clinician learners. In recognition of his many efforts over the years, Stern was named to the 2009 PharmaVOICE 100 list of the most influential, creative, and inspiring people in the life sciences industry.

Ever the champion of innovation and change, and with a knack for anticipating trends instead of reacting to them, Stern today continues to research, embrace, and incorporate the latest technological advances into virtually every aspect of the company. Recent initiatives include establishing a presence on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, and adapting its CME/CE activities as applications for the iPhone and other mobile devices to enable point-of-care and on-the-go access. Projects In Knowledge was also among the first providers to implement an online CME/CE Tracker, which allowed clinicians to easily and conveniently monitor their credits and obtain their certificates electronically. In addition, the company’s in-progress website redesign will benefit clinician learners by offering improved readability, streamlined navigation, and site personalization options.

An early advocate of the need to offer greater transparency and eliminate conflicts of interest in medical education, Stern established the Trust In Knowledge peer-review process. Through a partnership with three academic institutions, all of the company’s CME/CE activities undergo a blinded review to ensure that the information presented offers fair balance and is scientifically valid, relevant, timely, and free of commercial bias. This foresight is one of many factors that helped Projects In Knowledge earn a 6-year accreditation with commendation by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), including Exemplary status in four categories—the highest rating achievable by a CME provider.

"Projects In Knowledge has been able to survive—and thrive—in an industry that has experienced a tremendous transformation over the last 30 years because of our ability to adapt to the constantly changing conditions," Stern said. "This milestone reflects, in no small measure, the dedication, commitment, and flexibility of the entire Projects In Knowledge team, and I am extremely proud of them and grateful for their efforts.

"As we enter our fourth decade, we will continue to evolve while remaining true to our core mission of improving the quality of healthcare by delivering superior-quality, results-oriented professional education to clinicians," Stern added.

About Projects In Knowledge

Projects In Knowledge is a fully accredited provider of cutting-edge, innovative educational activities for physicians and other clinicians. Since its founding in 1980, the company’s mission has been to improve the quality of healthcare in the United States and abroad by delivering the highest quality professional education, with demonstrated results, to physicians and other clinical professionals using creative, effective, and easily accessible instructional modalities. To learn more about us and to view all of our CME/CE programs, please visit our website:

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Patty Peterson
Senior Vice President
Projects In Knowledge