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Protease Inhibitor Looks Promising

From the Projects In Knowledge Editorial Department:

Results of a phase 1b clinical trial on VX-950, one of the first protease inhibitors developed for the treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, generated considerable excitement at the recent DDW conference. After only 14 weeks of therapy, VX-950 reduced viral load by 99.99% in patients treated with 750 mg every 8 hours, indicating this therapy to be extremely potent. Patients infected with HCV genotype 1 received 14 days of VX-950 at 450 mg every 8 hours, 750 mg every 8 hours, or 1250 mg every 12 hours. In all three dose groups, within 3 days of treatment, the median reduction in HCV RNA was >3 log10, a reduction of at least 1000-fold. Some patients also achieved undetectable viral levels within 2 weeks. No severe adverse events were observed. Additional data from the study can be found on the Vertex web site listed below. These early results suggest that protease inhibitors offer promise as a potent new class of drugs in treating HCV infection and warrant continued study in larger randomized trials.

For more information go to:

Vertex web site:


Reuters press release:


DDW abstract:

http://precis.preciscentral.com/Utils/ip/SearchResults.asp?EventId=7cbbc409 Search for abstract 527: Reesink HW, Zeuzem S, van Vliet A, et al. Initial results of a phase 1b multiple-dose study of VX-950, a hepatitis C protease inhibitor.

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