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SVR for 48 versus 24 weeks (RESPONSES TO 6/17/05)

Janet Zardas, NP, asks:

What is the increase in SVR when patients with genotype 3, high viral load, grade 3/stage 3 biopsy are treated for 48 weeks versus 24 weeks?


A lot of us have been wondering about this topic. I was not able to find any current study to answer this particular question. Several studies and anecdotes, however, allude that there is lower SVR and higher relapse rate when genotype 3 patients are treated for 24 weeks as compared with genotype 2. Given this information, in our practice we offer our patients available data and believe that treating genotype 3, especially with stage 3 or 4, for 48 weeks (as tolerated) is appropriate. I am interested in hearing from our colleagues. Thanks

Harpreet Gujral, RN, MSN, CRNP

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