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IMPORTANT: If you have been keeping “Notes” on the MSAA App, please read the instructions below before deleting the old app.

With the old app, every time you manually entered information, your notes were only saved locally on your phone or tablet, but not in the Cloud. For your protection, and to ensure your information is always secure, My MS Manager: 2015 Update uses the latest technology available to safely store your information/notes on an outside, HIPAA-compliant server.

INSTRUCTIONS: If you have notes in the app you would like to save, please manually transfer them to the new My MS Manager.

Once you are satisfied that any information you want to keep is transferred, please delete the old app from your device.

The old app will be available for archival purposes only until January 2016. Begin using the new app and all the improved features right away.

If you need any help or have questions, please contact us at